Stichting Lemat

The Netherlands. Stichting Lemat, a non-governmental organization in which Eritreans in the Netherlands for a long time help Eritrean refugees who are newly arrived to integrate.


Bridges, a Frankfurt-based orchestra bringing refugee musicians together with local and other international performers.

ReDI’s Digital Women’s Program

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a Berlin-based non-profit school offering free coding and digital courses to newcomers. ReDI’s Digital Women’s Program, a series of all-female courses aimed at getting more women learning about tech. Set up for refugees without computer access at home, the three-month course takes students with basic skills to the point where they can build their own online store. Program organisers say free extras such as childcare, translators and a catering service have gone a long way towards tempting more women into their previously male-dominated tech courses. And students stand to gain a lot more than new …