#dannibleibt – Forest protectors fight for climate justice

Protest camp at Dannenroeder Forest (“Danni”) against the controversial expansion of Autobahn 49. Large areas of the forest are to be cleared for the construction of the Autobahn, which was planned in the 1970s. In the background of the protection of biodiversity and climate as well as a widely demanded change in mobility, the deforestation is criticized by climate protectionists and environmental associations. Environmentalists are occupying parts of the forest and have built tree houses on the planned route for the motorway. The pictures show the protest before the final evacuation of the last and oldest tree house village “Above”.


Investigative research on environmental pollution, violations of nature conservation rules, nepotism and more on the island of Usedom. In the focus of the story is the Interior Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Lorenz Caffier (CDU).


“Toni is a professional sponger, asphalt princess, survivor. She was 13 when she ran away from home, today she is 19 and isn’t at home anywhere. The portrait of a young woman who does not worry about tomorrow.” (Silke Müller) Read the story: @stern


With a scientific study of the University Medical Center Halle (Saale) has been the risk of infection of COVID-19 during large indoor events simulated. For this a concert simulation by singer Tim Bendzko with 3 different scenarios and a total of 4000 test persons was conducted. Read the story: @The New York Times

Outbreak interrupts harvests

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the seasonal workers from Eastern Europe who harvest crops from Spain to Sweden can’t get in. Read the story: @The New York Times

Coronavirus pandemic reaches Germany

1. How the coronavirus pandemic threatens the cultural landscape. Read the story: @stern 2. Visiting Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten at Charité in Berlin. Read the interview: @stern / watch the video-interview: @stern

Stichting Lemat

The Netherlands. Stichting Lemat, a non-governmental organization in which Eritreans in the Netherlands for a long time help Eritrean refugees who are newly arrived to integrate.