Coronavirus pandemic reaches Germany

1. How the coronavirus pandemic threatens the cultural landscape. Read the story: @stern 2. Visiting Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten at Charité in Berlin. Read the interview: @stern / watch the video-interview: @stern

Stichting Lemat

The Netherlands. Stichting Lemat, a non-governmental organization in which Eritreans in the Netherlands for a long time help Eritrean refugees who are newly arrived to integrate.

Thesaurus linguae Latinae

Thesaurus linguae Latinae at Bavarian Academy of Sciences is the most authoritative dictionary of ancient Latin. It is the only lexicon to cover all surviving Latin texts from the earliest times down to AD 600. Scholars in Munich are working to compile the most comprehensive dictionary of Latin ever assembled. They’ve been at it for 125 years and now they’re up to R. With some luck, the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae will be finished around 2050.