With a scientific study of the University Medical Center Halle (Saale) has been the risk of infection of COVID-19 during large indoor events simulated. For this a concert simulation by singer Tim Bendzko with 3 different scenarios and a total of 4000 test persons was conducted. Read the story: @The New York Times

Coronavirus pandemic reaches Germany

1. How the coronavirus pandemic threatens the cultural landscape. Read the story: @stern 2. Visiting Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten at Charité in Berlin. Read the interview: @stern / watch the video-interview: @stern

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Anna Bergmann is going to be the Schauspieldirektorin (theatre director) at the theater in Karlsruhe this fall — the first woman in this position and will have only female directors working for her the first season.

The Opulence Ball

Saturday night out with Madison Alexander Moore at the Berlin Ballroom Community Festival, organized by Mic Oala. All images are available via laif

Sir Simon Rattle

Open house day at Berlin Philharmonie. Sir Simon Denis Rattle, former conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic and chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra since 2017 during a rehearsal with an amateur orchestra at the Berlin Philharmonie. All images are available via laif


Bridges, a Frankfurt-based orchestra bringing refugee musicians together with local and other international performers.