Austria. Refugees long for reunion with loved ones left behind.

Austria, Mistelbach, March 6, 2017, Austrian law states that only nuclear families – spouses and their children under the age of 18 – are eligible for reunification. Ahmad Mansour (36) and his wife Sara Al-Said (31) are bringing up not only their own sons, Feras (12), Nabil (11) and Sohaib (3), but also two nephews, Abdullah (17) and Mostafa (15). After Sara´s sister and his husband died in a bomb attack in Syria, Ahmad and Sara took in their nephews and regarded them as their own children but they did not have adoption papers to prove this. Thanks to UNHCR mediation, a solution was found that respected the spirit of the law and the nephews were brought to Austria under a resettlement program. Here: during a walk in Mistelbach.