Germany. Some refugees finally unite with families in Germany.

Germany, Bayreuth, Bavaria, October 12, 2015, Abdulkadir Ahmed Othman (12) in his new home.

Ahmed Othman is a happy husband and father. He was forced to separate from his family and flee the war in Somalia over eight years ago. He is now reunited with his wife Shukria and children, and they live together in a home in Bayreuth, Germany.

Ahmed Othman fled Somalia in 2007 for fear of persecution by Al Shabaab. He was apparently arrested by Al Shabaab and sentenced to death for alleged food trade with Ethiopian Soldiers but later managed to escape, initially to Syria. In 2010 he travelled to Germany via Turkey and Greece. 

This case was initially not considered by UNHCR Syria for resettlement. Following our intervention, the case was re-assessed by our colleagues and finally submitted for resettlement in Germany in 2014. Mother and 9 minor children finally arrived in Germany beginning of 2015.

The picture could go with the story: Some refugees finally unite with families in Germany, while others wait. By Rebecca Murray