Germany. Refugees arriving Germany by train.

Germany, Freilassing, Bavaria, October 01, 2015, A train from nearby Salzburg, Austria reached the German cross-border railway station of Freilassing. The 343 passengers, most refugees desperate to escape the atrocities of war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, stepped onto the platform, and were warmly greeted by German volunteers offering clothes, shoes and food. German police, at a table set up on the platform, rapidly processed their details, fingerprints and photos before allowing them back on the train. After the registration the train goes to Cologne-Bonn. A group of Afghan teenagers are singled out at the Freislassing train station by the German police for being unprotected minors. They have paid up to 6,000 dollars to travel from their homes through Iran, Turkey, and Europe. Now German authorities will try to track down responsible relatives and find them somewhere safe to stay while they adjust to life here. Sarif (right) and Hossain (center), both are unaccompanied under-aged refugees from Ghazni, Afghanistan. Armed groups killed the father of Sarif. Germany has reintroduced border controls with EU neighbors to try and regulate the flow of people moving across their borders. At least 800,000 refugees are expected to arrive in Germany this year. During our two-day visit to a rural southeast border crossing of Austria and Germany, up to 2,000 refugees were estimated to have crossed into Germany by rail or foot.