Bulgaria. Bypassing the treacherous sea, Bulgaria offers a safer but transitory route for refugees who can afford it.

Bulgaria, Harmanli, October 20, 2015,
Near the Bulgarian border with Turkey, a former military barracks in Harmanli has been converted into a vast complex for housing refugees.

Hanifa (12) standing in front of drawings she did with her sisters. Faisal (father of Hanifa), from the Yazidi community in Aleppo, shelled out 6,000 Euros to a smuggler to deliver his family safely across the border. The Yazidi community has targeted by ISIS for persecution based on their religion, with their women brutally used as sex slaves. “The only important thing to me is my family’s safety,” said Faisal, when asked about why they didn’t take the sea route to Greece. The family was caught, jailed and robbed before successfully making it to Bulgaria.

There are six refugee reception centers in Bulgria, with approximately 5,130 beds. However, they are only 70-80 percent full, due to refugees making the journey onward to Germany.