AUSTRIA. Refugees welcome globetrotters to Vienna’s open-minded hotel.

AUSTRIA. Vienna, December 8, 2015,

Segun Prince (center left), 45, from Benin, is one of three Africans working in the kitchen, he is doing well in his new hotel career.
“Back in Benin, I was a tailor. It was nice work but I like the kitchen as well. I meet guests from all over the world and ask them, ‘how do you feel? Segun left Benin in 2002 and came to Europe via Libya, making the dangerous crossing over the over Mediterranean Sea. “There was no hope in Africa,” he says.
“When they started to make the hotel here, they called us (refugees) to help and I carried beds and wardrobes; it was very exciting. I’ve learnt German and I still go to classes. Maybe one day I will have the chance to be a chef or manager. Promotion, that’s what they (the Austrian managers) are trying to do for us.”

Here: Segun cleens the kitchen.