AUSTRIA. Refugees welcome globetrotters to Vienna’s open-minded hotel.

AUSTRIA. Vienna, December 8, 2015,

Toita Monsarowa, a senior member of the cleaning staff, who fled from war-torn Chechnya in 2004, has been at the Magdas Hotel from the outset. “I was here at the very start, when it was being converted from the nursing home,” she says. “I helped to empty out the rooms and fix things up. It was a lot of fun. The luggage racks from the trains were black with grime but I polished them up with Cif.” Ms. Monsarowa, who was a pastry chef back in Grozny, has a new life now in Austria. “I work here five days a week,” she says. “I have a flat. One son is working and the other is going to school. Life is working out for me.“