Aksel Kolstad, Norwegian pianist.
Aksel Kolstad, Norwegian pianist.
Jon Echeverria, Cinema en curs-Berlin.
Christina Dalchau, museum educator.
Harry Sarfo, a former Islamic State fighter from Germany.
Portraits of people, who have suffered from depression and burnout syndrome.
Portraits of people, who have suffered from depression and burnout syndrome.
Jürgen Trittin, a German Green politician. He was Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety from 1998 to 2005 in Germany.
Angelo Sti​pinovich, pastor.
Irmela Mensah-Schramm, human rights activist.
Axel Friedrich, German chemist and environmental expert.
The German Christian (aka Agit) fought against IS at the side of Kurdish People`s Protection Unit YPG.
Genadi Tzachenko, Ukrainian voices acrobat.
Alexander Eberhard Gauland, a German politician (Alternative for Germany, AfD).
Linda Steinhoff, a German-Norwegian actress and Co-founder of Northerns Light talents.
Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani, a former German professional boxer, who held world titles in the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.
Sigmar Gabriel, a German politician (Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD).
Jonas Mekas, a Lithuanian-American filmmaker, poet, artist and "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema".
Yusra Mardini, Syrian swimmer, fled from her home country in 2015 and now lives in Germany. As a member of the Refugee Olympic Athletes team, she participated in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
Wilhelm Schmid, CEO of A. Lange & Söhne.
Spencer Stone, Airman First Class. The American overcame the heavily armed terrorist Ayoub El Khazzani in the French express train Thalys.
Reem Atef Sahwil. In front of a camera the young girl from Lebanon tells to Angela Merkel about her family and their insecure residential status. After she begins to cry, the German Chancellor awkwardly started to give her a comfort feeling.
Katja Urbatsch, founder of the initiative Arbeiterkind.de.
Elisabeth Hahnke, founder of ROCK YOUR LIFE! gGmbH.
Portraits of children with congenital heart defects.
Portraits of children with congenital heart defects.
Giulia Enders, a popular German writer and scientist.
Volker Herzog, Mayor of Vorra. In Vorra a fire attack in 2014 destroyed a planned shelter for asylum seekers.
Scandal - shooting with the authors of Ohrenkuss (Ear Kiss) - a magazine made by people with Down's syndrome.
Anthony Naples, trance/house producer and D.J.
Dr. Mouhanad Khorchide, professor for Islamic religious education studies.
Jasper van de Kreeke (left), with his brother Lennart. Jasper was being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and has an islandtalent for mathematics.
Aliullah Nazary, former local staff for the Bundeswehr operation in Afghanistan.
Gilbert Furian, former political prisoner in the GDR.
Günter Taubmann, father of a victim of the Wall. His son Thomas died 1981 in Berlin, as he tried to flee from Berlin-East to the western part of the former divided city.
Hans-Holger Friedrich alias Friedrich Liechtenstein, a German musician, actor and entertainer.
Prof. Dr. phil. Karl-Josef Pazzini, psychoanalyst.
Anke Margarete Domscheit-Berg, management consultant and career coach.
Harald Ickler, former hostage of Islamic terrorists in the Sahara.
Napuli Paul Langa, refugee activist from South Sudan.
Konstantin Loskutnikov, Russian businessman.
Hans-Joachim Maaz, German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and author.
Adyan, protagonist of the radio documentary "Berlin-Kreuzberg: 7 Girls, 365 Days".
Prof. Sidney Omelon, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces.
Winfried Kretschmann, a German politician (Alliance '90/ The Greens).
Guenter Schulz, farmer. His agricultural lands are threatened by a planned expansion of the brown lignite mine Jänschwalde.
Ragnar Kjartansson (left), an Icelandic performance artist; Kjartan Sveinsson, an Icelandic musician, composer and former keyboardist for the post-rock band Sigur Rós.
Helmut Schmidt (* 23. Dezember 1918; † 10. November 2015), was a German politician and statesman, member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and former Chancellor of West Germany.
Daniel Barenboim, Argentine-Israeli-Spanish-Palestinian pianist and conductor.
Hans-Christian Ströbele, a German politician and lawyer (Alliance '90/ The Greens).
Florian Illies, a German journalists, art dealer, art historian and author.
Leander Hausmann, a German film/ theatre director and actor.
Andreas Müller ("judge merciless"), a German juvenile court judge.
Cameron Carpenter, an American organist and composer.
Ludwig Maximilian Stoffel and Giovanna Stefanel-Stoffel, founder of the STOFANEL Investment AG.
Maik Mutschke, Bundeswehr soldier and participant of the hardest battle of the Bundeswehr at Isa Kehl in Afghanistan.
Dirk Müller-Remus, CEO of auticon GmbH. As the first and only company in Germany auticon exclusively employing people with autism as IT consultants.
David Goldberg, Israeli-German rabbi.
JVA Waldeck social-therapeutic institution. Sex offender S. with a painted image series of his offences.
Christopher Glazek, initiator of the Yale AIDS Memorial Project (YAMP).
Richard Karl Freiherr von Weizsäcker (* 15. April 1920; † 31. Januar 2015), was a German politician and statesman, member of the Christian Democratic Union and former President of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Rolf Shimon Eden, a German businessman, former nightclub owner and Playboy.
Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, a German politician (Christian Democratic Union of Germany, CDU).
Hauwa Uma-Mustaphar, Climate Witness from Nigeria and Director of Tubali Development Initiative.
Karl Schlögel, professor emeritus. German historian of Eastern European history and publicist.
Sven Marquardt, German photographer and internationally-known doorman of techno club Berghain in Berlin.
Sven Marquardt, German photographer and internationally-known doorman of techno club Berghain in Berlin.
Denis Mamadou Gerhard Cuspert, later Abou Maleeq, fighting name Abu Talha al Almani. The former gangster rapper Deso Dogg joined as Salafist the Islamist terrorist group Islamic State (IS) and became one of the most famous German IS-Jihadists in Syria.
Liao Yiwu, a Chinese author, poet and musician.
Abdul Malek, survivor and sole eyewitness to Kunduz airstrike (2009) in Afghanistan by the Bundeswehr.
Markus Lüpertz, a German painter and sculptor.
Sheikh Abu Adam (center) surrounded by his bodyguards. Adam is the imam of the Darul Quran Mosque in Munich.
Dorothea Kehr alias Dota, a German singer and songwriter.
Hendrik Weber alias Pantha du Prince, a German musician, composer and conceptual artist.
Anna-Lisa Plettenberg, editor at Ohrenkuss magazine.
Amir Kassaei, Iranian-Austrian ad writer and international creative director of the advertising agency DDB.
Amir Kassaei, Iranian-Austrian ad writer and international creative director of the advertising agency DDB.
Alfred Kulhanek, 81-year-old squatter.
Alfred Kulhanek, 81-year-old squatter.
Jens Ahrens, PhD student at T-Labs (Telekom) in Berlin.
Anja J. with daughter Angelina, low-paid worker.
Sara Stridsberg, a Swedish author and translator.
Alexander Ridha alias Boys Noize, a German electronic music producer and DJ.
Sascha und Olja, orphans from Nowodolinka/ Kazakhstan.